3D Wall Panels

22 products

3D wall panels are the new trend in wall coverings. The wall ...

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Audio & Video Cables

21 products

HDMI Cable v2.0 Premium Gold Plated HDTV 1080P 3D 4K Ultra HD AR...

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Cable Clips

2 products

Tough PE clip, elasticity and shock resisting 
High impact nail...

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Cable Organisation

15 products

We have big variety of cable organisation products such: Cable t...

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Cable Ties

6 products

  Using purposes:              

Cable ties help organize...

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Hose Clamps

5 products

General purpose hose clamps are ideal for hose sealing and use in m...

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Plastic Dropper Bottles 

1 product

Can be used to dispense and store most liquids. 
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Plastic Food Containers

0 products

Made of transparent plastic, they never look out of place no matter...

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Polycarbonate Sheets

0 products

This is for sheets of 4mm and 10mm twin wall polycarbonate...

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Rubber Mats & Flooring

11 products

Wide Range of Rubber products

Heavy duty rubber cable pro...

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VELCRO® Brand Products

4 products

Genuine VELCRO® Brand Products: Sticky backed tape, back to back View products