Black 30x15 Decorative Adhesive TV Cable Tidy Cover Wire Hide Trunk, Trunking


Black 30x15mm (Mini) TV Cable Trunking in Lengths of 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 90cm  and 150cm 

"The most innovative trunking development in decades... By saving any need to spoil surfaces is the ideal solution where time and appearance matter"
In many instances by eliminating the hassle, and providing a uniquely aesthetic finish, half Round makes a surface installation the most attractive option.
Whether concealing cables or pipes huge efficiency gains are achievable. Where traditional trunkings look unfashionable and unacceptable provides an alternative to taking up floors, channelling walls or fitting new panels; and so saves redecorating also!
One-piece designs make lengths easy to handle and quick to install; flush-fit accessories provide a perfect finish, with tabs to create a secure fit.
Creates a lasting impression that adds value to any surface installation.
Since launch in 2005 the range has evolved in consultation with specifiers, trade installers and end-users to create a family of products that as customers feedback is ‘quick to fit, looks great’ ... making a better choice all round!

Users can conceal cables without a need to spoil surfaces. Then there’s the ongoing benefit that it’s easy to later add or remove cables!

"We do audio-visual installations every day. This is a great development, ideal for so many purposes where previous options were just not suitable... Customers don't like the sharp edges and clip over accessories of the traditional style. Now with we have the perfect solution to quickly and smartly hide cables."
30x15mm is ideal for many installations where traditional trunking would never be acceptable


Available in lengths of 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 90cm and 150cm 
Available in a range of colours: White, Magnolia, Black
30mm Width / 15mm Depth
Suitable for hiding up to 2 or 3 cables (dependent on cable type / diameter)
Self-Adhesive backed to aid installation
Smooth, flush appearance
Tensioned elastomer hinge
Easy to cut to desired length
Paintable to match your décor (gloss or emulsion)
Complete range of interconnecting pieces is available
Shock absorbing design