Black Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Tidy Floor Protector Trunking Cover
Black Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Tidy Floor Protector Trunking Cover

Vendor: TR TOOLS


Rubber Bumper Safety Floor Mat Cable Wire Lead Protector Trunking Cover Black, 20mm 

Cable & Wire Protector

TR Tool's floor cable tidy is made from a high-quality low profile thick rubber which gives it the integrity to hold its shape in tough conditions. Walk on it, roll over it or jump on it - It won't break. Ideal for use in the home, office, retail or warehouse environments the 20mm diameter void allows you to run a number of cables simultaneously through the floor cable tidy. The non-slip rubber keeps it well adhered to most floor surfaces and can help to prevent incidents of tripping and cables being dislodged from sockets and appliances.

These heavy duty cable protectors are made from non-slip/trip rubber making them ideal for use on carpets and hard floors. Commonly used at home or at the office for hiding computer cables and wires, they could also be used to cover dangerous wires and cabling in gyms, shops, workshops, schools, etc. or any public area where exposed cables and wires could be a tripping hazard. They're easy to fit and lay by simply inserting the cables down the mat through a hole at one end. These floor mats are heavy duty and in our opinion thicker than another thinner.


  • Heavy-duty thick rubber for maximum protection.
  • Fits most common cable types for general use.
  • Prevents tripping on wires at home or in the office.
  • Stops wires from being cut or crushed when walked on.
  • Available in various continuous lengths from 1m to 10m.


  • Cable protector (Please Select Length)


Brand - TR Tools
Model - RubbrCblProt
Material - Rubber
Colour - Black
Void/Hole - 20mm Diameter 
Length - 1m to 10m (Please select)

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