Coloured Nylon Heavy Duty Releasable Reusable Cable Ties, zip Ties
Coloured Nylon Heavy Duty Releasable Reusable Cable Ties, zip Ties

Type: Fasteners
Vendor: TR TOOLS


Releasable Cable Ties (black, white/transparent and green)

Tie-wraps which can be quickly and easily undone for access to wiring and then re-used. The operating principle is identical to ordinary cable ties except that a lever is included which if depressed releases the catch.

  • Simple to install and release
  • Colours- Black, White (transparent), Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Silver, Red
  • Supplied in 10 pieces(come loose in envelope), 50 pieces in bag, 100 pieces in 2 bags
  • Cable Bundle Diameter Max: 35mm
  • Cable Tie Length: 300 and 370mm
  • Cable Tie Material: Nylon 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6)
  • Cable Tie Width: 7.2mm
  • Tensile Strength Pounds: 48.5lb
  • External Length / Height: 300mm and extra long 370mm
  • External Width: 7.2mm and 7.6mm

Using purposes:               
Cable ties help organize wiring systems by grouping cables together. 
Specific application fields include transportation, telecommunications, speaker wires, and home theater/equipment. 
They are constructed for indoor and outdoor use and vary in composition. 
Natural Cable Ties are usually constructed from 6.6 nylon grade. 
These ties are typically appropriate for general purpose applications and are resistant to chemical, grease and oil-based products. 
All ties should meet a flammability resistance requirement, which is indicated by the manufacturer. 
Many of these ties may be manually adjusted, and various pneumatic tools are available to help reduce installation time

Item specification:                  

  • Made From Polyamid 6/6                                        
  • Zero Halogen                                        
  • Flammability rating : - UL 94-2 Class                                     
  • V2 Dielectric Strength : - 50,000 volts/mm                                        
  • Resistance to external agents                                        
  • Excellent Resistance to bases, oils, grease and oil products                                        
  • Limited Resistance to all acids                                        
  • Good insulation and not easily aging                                    
  • Anti-corrosion                                    
  • No Resistance to Phenol