Heavy Duty Rubber Grass Mat 1m x 1m Childrens Playground Garden Floor Matting

Vendor: TR TOOLS


  • Heavy Duty Black Rubber Grass mat 1.0m x 1.0m x 23mm thick
  • Safety Floor under swings, playground equipment walkways
  • Grass regrows through them and can be mowed! Join multiple mats with cable ties supplied.

Children find it hard to play and have fun outside without getting muddy! This amazing product that is simple yet effective is our answer to this problem! Heavy Duty Rubber grass mats are perfect for playground safety, garden safety, walkways, zoo's, golf courses. Cover muddily ground quickly with this item and cable tie together to create a large safe environment. You can lay our mats around Playground Equipment and not have to worry about breaking any health and Safety Laws. Each mat is a 1000mm x 1000mm x 23mm thick! They cover 1m2 which is more than other products on the market. The mats are made out of high quality recycled rubber! Why not do your bit for the environment while protecting your children! Much Much Cheaper than any other Safety Surface on the market, and much much easier to install!! We do not recommend using the rubber grass mats as a parking fixture as the mats tend to rip when the vehicle is steering,