MHL Cable Adapter For HTC M7 M8 M9

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Vendor: TR CABLE


Micro USB MHL Cable to HDMI Adapter For HTC M7 M8 M9

      MHL must be powered by an external power supply (5V,  >1A).
      After connected with the MHL cable, the phone must be  restarted. Remember to restart the phone after you plug the MHL cable into your  phone in the first time, otherwise there will be no HDMI output.
      If you flash a ROM on your phone, it might not support MHL output anymore.    

  • MHL Micro USB to HDMI HDTV Adapter from
  • Supports       all video resolutions and audio formats including 1080p video and digital       audio
  • Separate       Micro USB port for Charging
  • Small       & light weight making it a truly portable companion for your phone