Natural Bamboo 3D Wall panel Decorative Wall Ceiling Tiles Cladding Wallpaper, Name- 'Rose'

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  Material: Bamboo fibre

  • Natural product without the addition of chemicals
  • Natural colour: white, paint over possible with all colours on acrylic or water-basis smooth, clean surface 3D-VolumeDepth up to 1.18"Hard, shock and pressure resistant. Humidity resistant
  • Panel Dimensions: 500*500mm
  • 4 Panels per square meter 

3D wall panels are the new trend in wall coverings. The wall panels can give any colour you like or that most suits your decor styles by paint spraying or using coloured LED lights to give a special effect. 
Mainly made of bamboo fabric, these wall panels are environmentally friendly and safe to their user. Featured eco-friendly, artistic appearance and easy assembly, the wall panels are great as wall coverings for a bedroom, living room, hallway, lobby, hotel, restaurant, office, cafe, pub, shopping centre, etc. The panels can also applied on ceilings.

3D Wall Panels give an extra dimension to your walls or ceiling!!!

We have a broad range of contemporary designs available which will bring your wTR TOOLSalls to life and add a different dimension to any room.

The Panels 3D give an extra dimension to your walls or ceiling, and they fit in almost every room of the house.

The living room, the bedroom: 3D wall ceiling panels bring your walls to life!!!

Our 3D panels can be painted on the market in general with acrylic paints and latex.

NOTE! The manufacturer is not responsible for glueing the panels in high-traffic areas, or areas directly exposed to impact and mechanical damage.

Perfectly reflect the effect which can achieved by using costly 3D panels available on the market.