Silver 25mm Large Cable Wire Tidy Wrap PC Home Cinema TV Organising Kit With Feeder

Vendor: TR TOOLS


  • Large 25mm- 2m kit (band+feeder tool in pack)
  • Solid Silver color
  • Can easy bundle 5 cables/cords
  • Manufactured from halogen free polyethylene. Ideal for bundling cables behind your PC, TV, home cinema system or your desk, for wiring looms etc. Cable wrap simply winds around the cables you wish to bundle together, cable feeder is provided with this kit, please read instructions bellow.
  • cable tidy large

How to determine the diameter?
1 Harness tangled wires into a single manageable bundle
2 Tie the bundle with a rope, and measure the rope to determine perimeter
3 diameter = perimeter/3.14
NOTE: It is recommended to use the product whose diameter is smaller than the measured result.
How to use the product?
1 Use thread guide to clamp the cable which needed organize.
2 The tip of the thread guide aimed at one end of the cable sleeve
3 Pull the thread guide into the cable sleeve, and forward along the cable sleeve to the other end.

4 Take down the thread guide.