Squeezable Plastic Dropper Bottle Applicator Eye Liquid Container e liquid

Vendor: TR TOOLS


Can be used to dispense and store most liquids. 
Great for solvents, light oils, paint, essence, electronic cigarette juice, eye drops, saline, etc. 
dripping speed: dropper can be well controlled
Capacity: 10ml 
Material: 10ml/30ml Bootless-PET (clear plastic)/50ml Bootless-LDPE (not clear)

LDPE Plastic bottles are made to be tough and endure the harshest of

Conditions unlike others such as PET

Plastic bottles which are intentionally designed to easily degrade.

Because the majority of our customers use

These bottles for eJuice or eLiquid, this is a very important standard.

When PET bottles begin to degrade, the

plastic particles leech into whatever is stored within the bottle.

If you’re looking for HIGH Quality and the BEST

Standards in storing liquids use LDPE plastic bottles.