TR Tools Rubber Cable Protector 40mm (3 holes) heavy duty

Vendor: TR TOOLS


Heavy Duty Rubber 
Cable & Wire Protector

The TR Tools floor cable tidy is made from a high-quality low profile thick rubber which gives it the integrity to hold it's shaped in tough conditions. Walk on it, roll over it or jump on it - It won't break. Ideal for use in the home, office, retail or warehouse environments the 20mm diameter void allows you to run a number of cables simultaneously through the floor cable tidy. The non-slip rubber keeps it well adhered to most floor surfaces and can help to prevent incidents of tripping and cables being dislodged from sockets and appliances.


  • Heavy-duty thick rubber for maximum protection.
  • Fits most common cable types for general use.
  • Prevents tripping on wires at home or in the office.
  • Stops wires from being cut or crushed when walked on.
  • 40mm available only to 4m length


  • 1 x Rubber Cable protector (Please Select Length)


Brand - TR Tools
Model - RubbrCblProt
Material - Rubber
Colour - Black
Dimensions (WxD) - 100mm x 30mm
Void/Hole - 20mm Diameter and 3 holes 40mm