VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape, double sided Strap black
VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape, double sided Strap black


Genuine VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape

Black Hook and Loop style Rolls in 1CM and 2.5CM Wide up 10meter Long, Please choose its multi-variation listing

If you want longer lengths please let us know we can do these in multiple lengths up to 25 meters long.

A safe and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cable ties as it is made of a soft material so cannot damage cables or whatever you are bundling together!

Key benefits to using hook and loop Strap:

Used properly it's as strong and secure as plastic cable ties
Cut the length required and save on wastage
Cut slightly longer than needed so you can add extra cables easily and simply
Can be used over and over again
No sharp edges as found on trimmed cable ties
Material: Nylon Fiber

All products quickly shipped from the UK no troubles with import taxes!

Just in case you didn't think of them below are some of the top uses of hook and loop type products according to a recent survey!

Computer cord wrap

Clothing iron cord wrap

Secure wrapping paper from unrolling

Bundle fishing poles

Bundle golf clubs

Secure your garden gate to keep opened or closed

Wrap electronic wires

Floral or plant ties

Use to hang temporary window coverings

Hang and organise tools in the garage

Secure flashlight to wall for emergencies

Hang smoke detector to wall or ceiling

Hang battery operated lights in hallway or bathroom

Attach a remote control to your chair or table or on the side of your TV cabinet to keep it handy

Hang curtain valance

Keep a rug or small carpet in place

Keep a tablecloth in place

Tie together skiing gear

Bundle gardening tool handles together


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